These are the parts in which a golf course is divided

If you are learning to play golf or you are already a beginner player, knowing the parts and areas of a golf course will allow you, not only to speak properly with your partners,

Types of golf clubs: Choose the one that best suits your level and your skills

Number, material, brand ... there are many factors that differentiate a good golf club; furthermore your level and skills determine the model you need. Here you will see

2019 Spanish Golf Open

Recently the consensus established between Madrid Trophy Promotions, the Spanish Golf Federation and the European Tour was made public, which ensures that the Spanish Golf Open will continue for at least 5 years

How to read the green correctly

Reading greens on the golf course can sometimes seem complicated, depending on the speed of the green, for that reason most golfers don't do it and get carried away by intuition.

Do you know what “tee” means in the world of golf?

Most sports, although they can continue to be practiced during adulthood, require starting when you are young, many times during the high school or already in the university.

Top tips for planning a golf holiday

Having the responsibility for arranging a sport break you are going to be very busy for a while. There are many aspects you must think about, in advance, in order to avoid delays

Golf courses in Murcia with vacation resort

Golf courses in Murcia Spain are the ideal environment for practicing this sport, thanks to more than 300 days of sunshine a year and the natural landscape that surrounds them, providing regular players numerous

Holiday in the most beautiful golf courses in Murcia

Are you planning your next vacation? Would you like it to be in an adequate place where you can play your favorite sport?

Trips to the most beautiful golf courses in Murcia Spain

Merely few places dedicated to the practice of any sport around the world have the whole advantages offered by golf courses in Murcia Spain to the visitors and residents.

Rentals in the most attractive golf courses in Murcia

At the moment you are in view of the available options to choose the best golf courses in Murcia take into consideration not only the benefits associated to the game itself

What should be copied from professional golfers?

When you are initiated into the world of golf you try to copy some of the professional golfers actions, but not all should be copied. The first thing to do is remember

The importance of velocity in golf

Did you know that approximately 90% of short strokes don't go in? As we have seen in previous posts on this blog, there are many feats in the world of golf, like a hole in one for example.