Roda Golf & Beach Resort chooses Golfmanager to digitise all operations

Roda Golf & Beach Resort has recently joined the growing list of more than one hundred and twenty golf clubs that have decided to digitise all their operations thanks to the unique technology of Golfmanager, the 100% cloud-based software benchmark in Spain and Portugal for the digitisation and management of golf clubs.

How to increase the speed of your swing without going to the gym

One of the biggest problems that we face on the golf course is the distance, or rather, the meters that our ball travels after being hit.

How to make a golf reservation from your mobile (in 5 steps)

Many golfers have doubts about how they can make a reservation on their golf course in Murcia, without having to contact the caddy master directly or visit its facilities to book their tee time.

Good practice on the golf course, what you should never do on the Green

On the green (the area of the course where most of the game is played) there are a series of “unwritten rules” that every golfer must comply with, in order to preserve a clean, fun and honest game for everyone.

What is handicap in golf and how can you improve it

The handicap in golf is the average number of shots each player needs to finish a round; thanks to it we get an approximate idea of the level and potential of each golfer.

What you should keep in mind to recommend a golf course to a friend

When our friends know that we love golf, many ask us opinions, if they also see us as experienced golfers, they will love to hear our advice.

Tips to practice golf making the most of your time

Like everything in life, practice makes perfection and this can apply in golf. However, spending more hours training in the driving range does not make you a better golfer if you do not take advantage of that time.

Optimize your downswing with these tips

The complete swing consists of several movements that are responsible for guiding our body; all movements can be perfected so that the club and the ball come into contact optimally.

Mistakes that a golfer should avoid

Discover the mistakes that make you fail when you play on your golf course in Murcia and avoid them, to improve your scores in games with your friends and competitions.

Basic rules of golf

Although the official rules of golf are included in the rule book of The Royal Spanish Golf Federation, there are 8 basic fundamentals that any beginner must know to play a round correctly.

What kind of golf courses we can find?

If we really want to master this sport it is not enough to know the different clubs or the basic rules, we must also familiarize ourselves with the different types of golf courses

These are the parts in which a golf course is divided

If you are learning to play golf or you are already a beginner player, knowing the parts and areas of a golf course will allow you, not only to speak properly with your partners,