Types of golf clubs: Choose the one that best suits your level and your skills

Number, material, brand … there are many factors that differentiate a good golf club; furthermore your level and skills determine the model you need. Here you will see the secrets to find the club that will give that winning shot:

At the beginning it is common that an experienced golfer advise you about what clubs to buy.

If you are a beginner we advise you to have an expert friend who shares his knowledge with you. Surely you will find many people delighted to do it on your golf course, in Murcia we see these types of relationships daily.

Meanwhile here we leave some tricks to choose the best types of golf clubs. After reading you will get a clearer idea of what you need and you can have a more fluid conversation with the person who advises you:

Types of golf clubs: And how to choose the right one for you:

  • Types of golf clubs by distances

There are so many different types of golf clubs because each one covers a different distance:

Woods: Maximum power for long shots. The most common are 3 and 5 or the complete set of 1, 2 and 5. Iron: To cover medium distances or approximations. They are numbered from 1 to 9, 9 is the simplest. Hybrid golf clubs: It combines the power of wood and the precision of iron. The favourite for beginners on the golf courses in Murcia because they are easy to use and versatility. Putter: It is the one that achieves greater precision, it is used to give the last shot and gently introduce the ball into the hole. Wedge: Your lifeguard to get out of the bunker, its head has an inclination that draws the necessary curvature to get out of the hazards. You will find them from 45 ° to 48 °, 52 °, 56 ° and 60 °. Driver: To take the first shot, the less distance on the club face the more distance you achieve, as long as you already control your swing.

  • Types of golf clubs by clean_estilo of game

You will also need specific models for each game mode:

Pitch & putt. Ideally, clubs with graphite rods instead of steel for their lightness. It allows us to practice our swing comfortably even if the flight of the ball is not as precise as with a steel rod. In Pitch & Putt the maximum distance between holes is 120 meters, you only need short distance clubs. On a large golf course like Roda Golf, we need a complete set of clubs (composed of 14 models). If you are amateur you can start with half and increase as you acquire skill. This way it will be easier for you to choose and you will move more freely through the golf course in Murcia, or in the large course that you frequent.

Choose the types of golf clubs that best suit you:

Not only for your physical characteristics and type of game, but for your clean_estilo of shot.

In this sport, concentration is the key to success. Buying the clubs that best suit your shot and playing clean_estilo can make a huge difference on the golf course.

We have seen many experienced golfers on the golf course in Murcia win games just by choosing better tools than their competitors (just as experienced).

When you find your perfect types of golf clubs you will fall in love with them! We hope to see you then in Murcia, and in many other golf courses!