2019 Spanish Golf Open

Recently the consensus established between Madrid Trophy Promotions, the Spanish Golf Federation and the European Tour was made public, which ensures that the Spanish Golf Open will continue for at least 5 years – counting from 2019. Thus, the great sporting event could become another of the ‘giants’ of European golfers, going even beyond the category that it currently holds: a consolidated and obligatory date for lovers of this sport.

The possibility of a future tournament at Roda Golf Course, in Murcia

The new has also been a joy for golf lovers in Murcia, since, although small, it is possible – if we meet the criteria and parameters of the aforementioned agreement – that after the 2019 Spanish Open the event can be held in one of the spectacular golf courses in Murcia, such as Roda Golf Course.

The last blows of a long agreement

The official confirmation will take place this Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. in the Country Club, after the intricate negotiations that began in April 2018 and whose last details have not been fixed until just a few days ago.

Thus, the 2019 Spanish Golf Open will take place between October 3 and 6 at the prestigious Club de Campo de Madrid. The date has surprised the lovers of this sport, since during the last years the tournament was being held in April. These changes are due to the programming of the Madrid Trophy Promotion, which during that spring month is scheduled to prepare the “Mutua Madrid Open de Tenis”.

The venue where the event will take place responds to the requirements of the Ion Tiriac group, which sought easy access facilities, ample parking space and enough meters to install VIP areas, hospitality and catering. These requirements that we have already seen in the “Mutua Madrid Open de Tenis” and that are now intended to be introduced in the most renowned sporting events dedicated to golf, as is undoubtedly the 2019 Spanish Golf Open.

As we said, these criteria favor the possibility of a future celebration of the tournament in the Roda golf course in Murcia, since its facilities coincide with the aforementioned requirements and new promotions. 

Expected figures and some changes

The organizers of the event consider the optimistic figures of over 47,000 spectators last year. An easy number to reach if we consider that in 2018 the event was held with hardly any promotional budget and with very limited times.

Although the federated will have a discount on the tickets, in this new edition, access to the 2019 Spanish Golf Open will not be free, as it has been until now. One of the objectives of the tournament is to become an international benchmark, where the investment will go from less to more in the coming years, something that, without a doubt, would be tremendously beneficial for the city of Murcia in the hypothetical case of a future edition on the Roda Golf Course.

On Tuesday we will finally discover all the details, although some key elements have already been revealed, such as the initial budget, which is estimated to be similar to the one given last year (1.5 million euros), a figure that can be increased by joining new sponsors.

The participation of the most famous Spanish players with great golf stars in Europe is expected. Jon Rahm, last year’s title holder, has already confirmed his attendance. From Murcia we will continue the event excited and we will be very attentive to the next editions.