What kind of golf courses we can find?

If we really want to master this sport it is not enough to know the different clubs or the basic rules, we must also familiarize ourselves with the different types of golf courses and their peculiarities in order to communicate correctly with the rest of players. Not all of these types of courses can be found to play golf in Murcia but if important to know them if we want play in other countries.

There are different ways to classify golf courses, here we will see the two most common classifications: according design or architecture or according access or property.

 Types of golf courses depending on the design or architecture:

The architecture of a golf course is an art form and how the architect incorporates the natural elements in his designs makes a golf course acquire a natural charm and make the landscape truly incredible. From there, we can differentiate the following types of golf courses:

  • Links

This golf course is original from Scotland and its named is due to it is built along the seashore. In these golf courses the architect does not usually make many modifications on the ground, try to keep it as natural as possible. Normally in this type of golf courses we do not find trees and the wind usually has an important role at the time of playing it. The most typical example of a Links course that every golfer should know is St Andrews Old Course in Scotland.

  • Parkland

Unlike in the Links course, in this type of courses we find abundant grove, where the streets have a flatter design and in which it can be seen that the original terrain relief has been modified. Normally they are not close to the seashore, so we can deduce that this is the most common type of golf course we can find.

  • Desert

Located in desert areas or with very dry weather, these types of golf courses are a stunning architectural and although they are correctly integrated between the dunes or the characteristics of the terrain, they require a lot of water for irrigation.

Types of golf course depending on access:

As in all businesses, to play golf you have to pay a fee but depending on the type and costs associated with that fee we can classify the golf courses as:

  • Municipal Courses

This type of golf course belongs to a municipality or public institution and usually has a lower rate than the rest of golf courses. It is a way to encourage this sport and that everyone can play at an affordable price.

  • Commercial golf courses

The ownership of this type of golf course is private and so the intention is to obtain the greatest possible benefit. In this type of golf courses there are usually several ways to play: one of them is to pay directly the green fee; another option is the membership, usually more economic than the payment of the green fee every time you want to play and you also have the option to sign up for tournaments that are held throughout the year.

  • Private golf courses or only for members 

These golf courses are the most restrictive and the most expensive when it comes to playing in them. In order to be able to become a member you will have to obtain an action at the price that is in the market at the time of purchase, then I will also have to pay for an annual game right. Some of the options you have to play this type of courses without buying action and right of play are, as we have said before, tournaments, invitations from a member or there are even courses that open a few hours so that players who are not members can access and reserve your green fee.