Mistakes that a golfer should avoid

Discover the mistakes that make you fail when you play on your golf course in Murcia and avoid them, to improve your scores in games with your friends and competitions.

Here are the basic mistakes you should never make on the golf course:

1. Be a golfer who neither stretches nor warms up before starting

It is essential, and not just body warming, practicing some shots will make you improve and have more confidence when starting the game or tournament.

2. Know your golf equipment well and avoid unexpected mistakes

A good golfer always uses practice and common sense; you should already know what specific distance you get with each club so you avoid distance errors when hitting the ball.

To avoid failures, keep your golf clubs always well maintained and learn to choose the right one, be it wood or iron.

Another common mistake is to neglect the rest of the golf equipment, the bag, the balls … remember that the maximum number of clubs that can go in the bag are 14 and that you should be able to identify your ball at any time.

3. When there are failures, make excuses and not improve as a golfer

The following mistake is one of the failures that occur especially in beginner golfer. It is not your fault that the day of the tournament rains; the mistake is to use it as an excuse.

Wind or rain will affect all golfers, an extra reason to increase your chances of getting a better result than the rest of the players if you are mentally able to adapt your game to the circumstances.

So that these excuses affect you the least, avoiding failures and more failures, you must practice and practice golf in all the conditions that you find.

4. Failures for not knowing properly the golf rules

The worst of the beginner golfer’s mistakes does not know the rules of the sport he practices. Not only to comply with them but because, under certain circumstances, you can benefit if you know the rules well.

Of the most unforgivable mistakes, make sure you know at least the basics, since the rules are necessary to improve as a golfer. If you are not sure about any decision, you can always consult to your partner or your marker.

5. Start without thinking, improve your strategy in the course and avoid mistakes

Another of the most common failures in golf, many golfers happen more than you think, is to disregard the entire hole and play the next shot as intelligently as possible.

In addition to the aforementioned distance, other factors must be taken into account before hitting the ball such as the situation of the bunkers, the water hazards, the position of the flag… also, if it is not a hit to green you must also take into account the distance of the next approach shot.

What do you think about this list of mistakes and failures as a golfer?

Remember: Everyone has a solution, and you’ve discovered it, luckily you only have one small step left… Avoid them and improve! And always remember to enjoy your next golf tournaments and games, that’s the key.