Top tips for planning a golf holiday

Having the responsibility for arranging a sport break you are going to be very busy for a while. There are many aspects you must think about, in advance, in order to avoid delays, problems and people rages. Undoubtedly, the first thing is choosing the place, and among all options around the world if you select the best golf courses in Murcia you will be pleased due to the fact this region is incomparable and unsurpassed.

The greatest alternative is staying overnight inside the facilities because thus you will not need to move the group back and forth every day and non-golfers can develop their own program but being close. Roda Golf and Beach Resort offer excellent accommodation options including villas, semi-detached houses and apartments which are cheaper than a hotel and also provide extra space to while away.

Some aspects to help you in the task

Avoiding a headache and guaranteeing a fantastic experience for everyone, take into account this tips at the moment you are compelled to organize a golf holiday:

  • · Start making the plan as soon as possible

This manner it will be likely you get exactly what you are expecting. Choices of lodging, tee times, flights, etc. are better when you count with enough time. Consider that the period everybody has major possibilities is probably the high season for the club too. You should start earlier if you are working with a big group.

  • · Take some initial decisions

Plan to include family and friends since that will aid things to be more interesting. Prepare a list of the whole “to do” aspects and then call a meeting where each integrant has the chance to express his opinion. At that moment you will know how many people are participating, the budget available and the best dates for all of them instead of trying to guess the answers. Do not try doing everything by yourself, be the leader and ask for help.

  • · Organize golf activities

Hence you can get the preferred tee times. It is important to know how much golf people expect to play: every morning, twice a day, 18 holes daily or combining with one intermediate journey free, etc. because this will impact the total costs. Usually, clubs offer discounts for doing the round just before noon or starting the afternoon. Academy courses could be, as well, desirable options for those who want to improve their techniques.

  • · Think about extra activities

Not the whole time has to be only playing golf, after all this is a holiday activity and perhaps it is the first occasion your team is visiting Murcia. Therefore, make a complete plan including shopping, swimming on the beach, nightlife action and everything else the group can do to have a pleasurable experience. Specially, arrange alternatives to non-golfers like wives or children.