Do you know what “tee” means in the world of golf?

Most sports, although they can continue to be practiced during adulthood, require starting when you are young, many times during the high school or already in the university. This is because of the energy demand, the player needs to be in full physical abilities. On the contrary, the best golf courses in Murcia are suitable for players of any age and level of play.

For this reason, even if you are an elderly person and you start playing golf right now you can enjoy this sport without any problem and live all kinds of experiences. Having a professional will help you to know better and faster the technical part, etiquette rules and even the vocabulary used, and so you can impress your friends from the first round.

A concept which you should familiarize with is the tee, a word that identifies the exact place from which the tour begins in each of the holes. In addition, this name is given to a small support, made of wood or plastic, used exclusively to place the ball and hit the exit. Its use is not mandatory, but there are reasons why it should be used and more when it comes to a beginner player.

When and how we use the tee

The decision to use the tee or not will depend on many factors such as the player’s level of play, distance, club to be used and even the confidence of the player himself when hitting the ball. Perhaps the most important factor is the club to be used.

In this way, it must be taken into account that to hit iron and wood, the height of the ball will be more or less the same, except for the driver that will be the club with which the ball must be higher to facilitate the shot.

If from the tee box you are going to use:

  • Drivers: As we have said, everything will depend on the player and the routine that he has for each shot but a standard measure for the elevation of the ball in the driver’s shot may be a ball, that is, we should imagine that the the ball above the tee is just above another golf ball.
  • Woods, hybrids or irons: leave a small space between the ground and the ball to avoid rubbing the club with the ground, and thus the shot will retain maximum power.

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