Optimize your downswing with these tips

The complete swing consists of several movements that are responsible for guiding our body; all movements can be perfected so that the club and the ball come into contact optimally.

Part of a winning swing consists of knowing in depth the downswing and knowing how to perform the appropriate technical gesture.

What is downswing?

To understand what a downswing is, we must first understand the swing, which is the complete movement we make with the body to take the club towards the ball. The swing consists of three parts, including downswing:

  • Backswing: It begins with the rotation of the body that aims to move the club away from it with an elevation of arms.
  • Downswing: When the club starts to lower, approaching the ball with the aim of hitting it. 
  • Follow-Through: The movement made by the body until it is in a correct position very similar to the one we had before Backswing. If we perform this movement correctly we will have achieved a good finish.

To correctly perform the three movements that make up the swing we must have previously acquired a good stance, which is the initial position we take with respect to the ball.

Therefore we can summarize the downswing as the movement of lowering arms and approaching the ball until the club comes into contact with it. In this movement the arms descend from the backswing position while the hip and trunk rotate in a coordinated manner.

Tips to improve your downswing

The professional golfer knows that this sport is an art and that, absolutely everything can be improved with the necessary experience and knowledge. These tips will help you improve your downswing faster. Providing a good downward movement, where the club reaches the ball with perfect speed and alignment:

  • The strength of downswing does not come from the arms but is born from the feet. The left foot exerts pressure so that the deviation brings force to the shot.
  • The hips and torso will continue in the movement, trying to keep the shoulders in the same plane, avoiding upward or downward movements.
  • At the beginning the tip of the grip points to the ball.
  • Shoulder movement should be rotary and never vertical. It is very common that there is a shoulder lift. When this happens the club loses the previous position hindering the impact.
  • The arm and the wrist are the ones in charge at the last moment, thus obtaining the best position instantly from the impact between the stick and the ball.

We could say that the backswing is in charge of preparing the shot while the downswing executes it, therefore part of the success of this movement is achieved with the correct performance of the previous one.

Success lies in the correct strength and precision and like everything else in life (and in sport) it is the practice that makes the teacher; practicing and enjoying in your golf course in Murcia is the shortest way to become an expert golfer.