What you should keep in mind to recommend a golf course to a friend

When our friends know that we love golf, many ask us opinions, if they also see us as experienced golfers, they will love to hear our advice.

We know that you are pride when you can help others in your favourite sport, even if your handicap is not the best.

Doubts come when your friend asks you the big question:

Which golf course do you prefer? Which do you recommend me to try?

Of course you have your preferences, and who hasn’t? But when recommending a golf course in Murcia to a friend you want to indicate the right one, the one that will get you to re-fall in love with this sport. If you find yourself in that situation, keep reading some of our tips:

What you should keep in mind to recommend a golf course to a friend


When someone asks for advice, they want to know your opinion, but also an answer that meets their wishes and needs. For example:

Imagine that you enjoy the most in a quiet green, with the occasional bunker and little else. On the other hand, your friend has a great time in more complicated courses with thick rough and even water hazards.

In that case you should recommend a golf course with a green that really makes you sweat. If you hit the spot, I will thank you for life. Of course the opposite case can also happen.

If you recommend a far golf course, consider the accommodation:

Those of us who really love this sport have no problem visiting a new city just to try our swing on its golf course. In case your friend needs to travel to know the recommended place, you should take into account that there is a nearby accommodation that allows him to make the most of the time and with the appropriate facilities and services to meet his needs.

Well-maintained greens:

Although most golf courses in Murcia take full care of their facilities and especially greens, it may be the case that a course does not have proper maintenance. You never recommend a place with these characteristics since you will seem like an inexperienced golfer who does not take these aspects into account.

One of the unwritten rules of golf is that the course must be kept in perfect condition thanks to the good use of golfers; if you find a fault, tell the course staff so they can fix it as soon as possible.

Take into account the ground game:

Especially the most veteran players make a lot of use of the ground game when their physical strength no longer allows them great shots, or their swing becomes slower.

If it is the case of your friend, a course with strategic undulations, fairways and firm greens will be ideal to give life to the ground game. Again, the key to getting a good recommendation on a golf course is based on the needs of the person asking.

Of course, going to visit the course together and play a round with friends is a most satisfying experience.