What should be copied from professional golfers?

When you are initiated into the world of golf you try to copy some of the professional golfers actions, but not all should be copied. The first thing to do is remember that we are not elite golfers and therefore we shouldn’t mimic everything they do.

In our La Manga del Mar Menor golf course we have come across some cases where players that have just began playing golf have tried imitating all and every movement of their favourite professionals in this sport. We are going to tell you what we recommend that should be copied from them.

Arrive to the course before the tee time

Arriving an hour before the tee time is very common among golf professionals. One should never arrive at the exact tee time, otherwise it will cost a lot of effort to start with good strokes, seeing that each stroke needs to be taken with concentration and previous preparation.

Each golf course accounts with an established timeframe between each first tee off, in our La Manga del Mar Menor golf course eight minutes are established between each start. 

Previous warm up

Within the aforementioned timeframe, one should prepare them-self physically for the effort they are about to perform. This way, you will be adapting your body to perform good movements on the stroke of each ball. This is imperative if you wish to prevent injuries and to perform your strokes in a much more comfortable way.

Set oneself objectives in each round

Golf requires much strategy, it isn’t just hitting a ball in the direction of the hole and voilà. All the professionals set themselves little objectives in each round, be it a desired curve, to reach an exact distance with that stroke or the direction that stroke should take. It is of vital importance to do this, this way when you practice you will see that you complete your goals the more you practice and eventually be able to set yourself harder objectives to accomplish. 

Have an established shot routine

In relation to the previous point, you should also set yourself goals to accomplish in each stroke, you should have a set routine for each stroke. It may seem silly, but each time you make a stroke in your routine, you will find it much easier to accomplish similarity in each stroke that you have practiced. It also helps you to feel more comfortable and remove the pressure in each round. Every player has their own clean_estilo and previous personalised routine, from now on focus well on this. 

These are some of the main recommendations that you should copy from the professionals. It is very good to try and accomplish the perfect stroke as it is to perform them from time to time. Maybe on some occasion you will accomplish a stroke like theirs and to do so you should copy the aforementioned points. Try to follow all these recommendations in our La Manga del Mar Menor golf course and you will see how in the long term you will improve as a golfer.