The importance of velocity in golf

Did you know that approximately 90% of short strokes don’t go in? As we have seen in previous posts on this blog, there are many feats in the world of golf, like a hole in one for example. Clearly scoring a hole in one is the hardest thing to accomplish in this sport, but to score the ball in the hole in one stroke using one of the most precise moves in this sport, the putt, is very complicated also.

To score a putt, be it long or short, the velocity of the stroke is of great importance. If the velocity is adequate and the direction is off the ball will get closer to the hole than if the direction is good but the velocity isn’t. This is one of the main recommendations that we impart in our golf courses near Murcia.

Method to improve one’s stroke on the putt.

We are going to mention a great method to control and improve the putt stroke. What you should do first is lock sight on a point close to you, then draw an imaginary line from that point to a point near the hole. Once you have done this, remember to move that last point a few metres farther, this way you will get the ball closer than if you fixate a point that is before the hole. 

Doing this, you will create a good straight stroke line and focusing on a point posterior to the hole you will get the ball closer. This occurs because normally the velocity of the stroke tends to be shorter than we want for a putt. For this reason we calculated that the velocity of the stroke should overcome the hole by a few metres.

This same shot usually occurs on the green too. Actually we practice this from there in our golf classes in Murcia due to its closer reach and less difficulty. 

If you learn to control a close stroke, it will be much easier to learn how to control a long stroke. Because, as mentioned before, calculating the velocity of a closer stroke is a lot harder than a further stroke, which tends to be more intuitive.