Holes in one

A hole in one is one of the best feats that a golfer can accomplish in his/her career. Although there are professionals that have accomplished it dozens of times, it is something very few achieve. We don’t have constancy of many holes in one in Murcia golf courses, so here we give you some points of interest to try and motivate you to accomplish it. If you succeed, let us know to include you in the ranking!

Holes in one record in one match

Did you know that the record for holes in one in one match is held by an amateur man and an amateur woman? 

Patrick Wills is the American golfer that on the 22nd of June 2015 got three holes in one during a tournament in Virginia. On the second ace he believed his children were joking, seeing they were the ones to give him the news on arrival to the green. And then when he got the third ace, he just couldn’t believe it.

Ali Gibb is the British golfer who recently got this record. On the 14th of August 2018 in a championship in the CrohamHurst Golf Club in Surrey, England. This woman had made one unique hole in one in all her career, and then astonishingly in less than five hours managed three.

Can you imagine doing this in one of the golf courses in Murcia? According to statistics you need to have been playing for 24 years, which is where the medium is at. But as we have seen, it isn’t necessary to be a professional to make history.

The youngest holes in one

In fact, neither of the two youngest “golfers” that have accomplished a hole in one had reached six years of age.

On the masculine level, Christian Carpenter with 4 years of age and 195 days accomplished an ace on the 18th of December 1999 in the Mountain View Golf Club in Hickory, North Carolina.

On the feminine level, Soona Lee-Tolley with 5 years of age and 103 days accomplished a historic ace on the 1st of July 2007 in the Manhattan Woods Golf Club in New York.

We would love for one of our little “golfers” to overcome these feats in one of our golf courses in Murcia.

Which is the furthest hole in one?

If getting a hole in one with a moderate distance is hard, doing it from 473 metres away from the hole is completely mind-bending. This is the distance for the furthest ace in history, accomplished by Mike Crean in 2002. This historical ace from 473 metres (517 yards) happened on the Green Valley Ranch Golf Club in Colorado. 

These are only some of the amazing facts of holes in one, many more exist. We don’t to tell you about them, we want you to live them in our Murcia golf course, and specially here in Roda Golf Club