Keys to initiate into the world of golf

Becoming an experienced and precise golfer is no easy task. Golf requires concentration, coordination and precision in all movements. Although it may appear complicated, the beginning is very simple. All that is needed is to take into account some pointers to initiate oneself into the world of golf. You will see that it’s not as hard as it seems.

5 keys before beginning to play golf

In any golf academy in Murcia, in Spain or the rest of the world, they should warn you about these 5 points before you launch yourself onto the green. Before starting this sport, think if any of these keys are impossible for you or if you won’t be able to fulfill them:

1. Be patient. This is an essential quality for this sport, it is quite possibly the main quality in golf.

2. Be strong against frustration. Beginnings are fairly difficult, it isn’t just whacking the ball and it going wherever it wants… This requires a lot of practice, technique and coordinated movement. 

3. Have time. We have already mentioned that a lot of practice is needed to play golf, therefore a lot of time is needed to put into it. 

4. Know how to concentrate. When one is on the green, only the ball, the hole and clubs exist. If you are thinking about anything else other than the stroke it will have a very negative outcome for the strike and game. 

5. Good behaviour and respect. Within the golf rules and regulations you will find this indispensable key. Directing a colleague that is training is not allowed, nor commentate or criticise players clean_estilos. Respect is the essential part of this marvellous sport.

In our golf academy in Murcia we emphasise on all of these keys to initiate you into golf, and therefore succeed in learning this sport.

First steps to initiate oneself into the world of golf

– Know the rules and its operation. It seems a bit absurd, but you will have moved far forward if you have revised the sport’s most basic rules before you pick up your first golf club. You will make the most out of the learning time. 

– Warm up. Although it may not seem it, in golf, movement and work of the whole body is needed, from head to toe. For this reason, it is essential to know how to a good warm up specific to golf. 

– Use gloves. If you are going to start dedicating time to this you should know that every golfer has their own “magic” gloves. The club must be held with a tight grip and this can cause blisters, specially at the beginning. The use of clubs will help prevent this.

– Possess the necessary material. It isn’t obligatory that you buy the material at the beginning, many rental options exist for beginners. 

Lastly, it is essential to have golf classes to begin. Like we have said many times within this post, it is a sport that requires a lot of technique and is won by training and practicing. 

Specially at the beginning it is very important to not get stuck to prevent getting discouraged. Therefore you can also count on help from the teachers of our golf academy in Murcia. Because, if you take into account all the previous points and you lean on a professional of this sport your progression will be much faster.