How to increase the speed of your swing without going to the gym

One of the biggest problems that we face on the golf course is the distance, or rather, the meters that our ball travels after being hit.

However, the distance can be improved with simple techniques that improve posture and get accurate shots, which will help us easily gain a few meters of distance in each swing.

How to increase the speed of your swing without going to the gym

Why am I saying going to the gym?

Because in general stronger people can hit the ball faster and more intensely, so it goes further. However, it is not the only way to improve your golf swing:

  • Put the dominant foot in front

If you are right-handed your dominant foot is the right, if you are left-handed the left.

Let’s take the example that you are right-handed, in your case the right foot will be more forward than the left, ideally the dominant foot is more or less at the same height as the ball. You can also slightly rotate it out.

Why does this posture increase swing speed?

These movements help you increase body rotation in the backswing. Allowing your hips to travel a greater turning distance, increasing the hitting force and consequently the distance the ball travels.

  • Turn the non-dominant foot out 45º

If you are a right-handed golfer you will have to turn your left foot, if you are left-handed the right one.

This movement helps you loosen your hips quickly by increasing the power you achieve in downswing. 

  • Keep your body supported on the dominant leg

(Right again if you are right-handed and left if you are left-handed)

Most golfers who are not familiar with these techniques lose power by leaning towards the outside of the right foot. You can avoid this by exerting pressure on the inside of the right leg.

The pressure is released in the downswing’s rotational motion, easily increasing hitting power.

  • Let the weight of your body rest on the balls of your feet

It’s not just strength that lives the perfect swing, keeping your balance allows you to make more accurate shots with a straight ball path and therefore longer. 

Many golfers let their body weight rest on their heels or toes, which is a mistake that throws them off balance. Ideally, the entire swing motion is for the weight to rest on the balls of your feet without reaching your toes.

As you can see, increasing the speed of your swing and therefore the distance of the ball is an easy task, you just need to know the correct postures to make more accurate shots. Try these techniques the next time you visit your golf course in Murcia and you will get what every golfer wants, to win a few meters from your rival.