Good practice on the golf course, what you should never do on the Green

Golf is first and foremost a sport of gentlemen, and of course also of ladies.

What does this mean?

On the green (the area of the course where most of the game is played) there are a series of “unwritten rules” that every golfer must comply with, in order to preserve a clean, fun and honest game for everyone. At the beginning is normal if we are not familiar with some of these rules.

To avoid a greater number of dismissals and remain as a good player in your next games, we have prepared a list with those good practices on your golf course in Murcia

Good practices on the golf course:

  • The grass is always respected: One of the unwritten rules of the green is that it is the obligation of all players to keep it in perfect condition. Of course you don’t have to water it but avoid movements that could damage it. What happens if, due the game, “a piece of grass is raised”? Nothing really, you just have to repair it so that other players find it in good condition. This little gesture is a very good practice on the golf course.
  • Discretion: There are a number of bad habits that are sometimes tolerated in other sports among friends, but that should be avoided in golf. For example, if you have a bad day, you have hit the ball badly or your swing is not as good as you wish, it is normal that you are not happy, but under no circumstances should you make angry gestures such as throwing golf clubs down. On the green, all golfers are expected to behave with class. Demonstrating your anger in an exaggerated way will not fix it either, better take it easy.
  • Sportsmanship: Golf is played without referees and relies on the integrity of all golfers to respect the rules. However competitive you are, you must always show cordiality and sportsmanship, that is the true spirit of this sport.
  • You should never hit a ball if the rest of the players are close: Golf is an impact sport, when we perform the swing movement we can hit the rest of the golfers if they do not have time to move away, people can also cross near the trajectory of the ball. Before hitting, you must make sure that the rest of the golfers are far enough away to avoid being damaged. If you see someone passing near the trajectory of the ball you must notify him with a shout so that he can quickly depart.
  • Consideration: And although this section goes into sportsmanship we wanted to add it at the end to be able to give more details. Nobody likes distractions, so any golfer appreciates the silence and consideration when their turn comes. This includes keeping mobile phones and electronic devices silent to prevent them from ringing at a bad time. Nor should you place your ball until it is your turn or be very close to another golfer limiting their movements.