Enjoy the best golf in Spain at Roda Golf and Beach Resort


In the world of golf, Spain stands out as an exceptional destination that combines a passion for the sport with a unique experience for all its players. From the Mediterranean coast to the inland courses of the Iberian Peninsula, playing golf in Spain is a unique opportunity to enjoy its climate, gastronomy, and culture combined with world-class golf courses.

When choosing a destination for golf, several factors can influence our decision. However, there are fixed characteristics that determine whether the choice of a golf vacation is the right one. Spain attracts 1.2 million golf-playing tourists annually, and there are several reasons why golfers choose to play in Spain. Firstly, the sunny climate is perfect for enjoying a round of golf almost year-round. Additionally, Spain boasts a wide variety of stunning golf courses designed by renowned architects, ranging from seaside courses to those surrounded by breathtaking landscapes inland.

The rich culture and Spanish hospitality also contribute to the attraction for those deciding to play golf in Spain. After a day on the golf course, players can indulge in the renowned Spanish cuisine and immerse themselves in the warm hospitality that characterizes the country.

It’s worth noting that golf in Spain is a tourism driver, attracting 1.195 million foreign golf-playing tourists annually, with 98.6% of them being Europeans. Comparing this figure to the 4.2 million registered golf players in Europe illustrates both Spain’s leadership in golf tourism and its growth potential. As one of the economically significant sports, golf not only contributes through spending on golf courses but also in accommodations, gastronomic expenses, complementary activities, and more.

Enthusiasts will find a wide variety of quality destinations to play golf in Spain. If you are passionate about golf, Spain is your destination. This vibrant and lively country is not only famous for its sunny days and delicious cuisine but also for its top-notch golf courses. From the Costa del Sol to the Costa Brava, including courses nestled in the interior of the Peninsula, playing golf in Spain offers a unique experience for sports enthusiasts.

We will begin by highlighting the most relevant areas when choosing a golf destination in Spain.

The Costa del Sol, especially Marbella, stands out as a glamorous destination known for its golden beaches, vibrant nightlife, and prestigious golf courses designed by renowned architects. This location attracts golfers from around the world due to its challenging courses and the allure of relaxing at exclusive beach clubs after a game.

Continuing along the Mediterranean coast, the Costa Blanca, particularly in Alicante and Valencia, offers a great combination of renowned golf courses and local festivities, such as the Fallas, attracting golf enthusiasts and outdoor activity lovers.

To the north, the Costa Brava stands out for the fusion of golf courses with wild nature, providing a unique experience. Outside the Iberian Peninsula, yet not of lesser importance, are the Canary Islands. Despite their distance, the subtropical climate and golf courses designed by world-renowned architects in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and Lanzarote attract golfers from around the world. The opportunity to play golf in Spain, surrounded by stunning volcanic landscapes and crystal-clear beaches, makes the Canary Islands an attractive golf destination year-round.

Roda Golf & Beach Resort and Costa Cálida: A Paradise to golf in Spain!

One of the main reasons why players choose to play golf in Spain, specifically on the Costa Cálida, is its Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild winters and warm summers. This provides ideal conditions for golf throughout much of the year, attracting golfers from all over the world. When a golfer decides to travel and play golf in Spain, they have two clear interests: enjoying great rounds of golf and soaking up the sun and good weather. The Costa Cálida seamlessly combines both aspects. The goals in terms of golf courses in the southeast of Spain, highly valued by European tourists, are clear.

The main idea is for players to enjoy a variety of well-maintained golf courses and combine them with complementary activities offered by this tourist enclave. This region not only offers top-notch golf courses but also a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. After your game, you can unwind at local golf clubs, enjoying good food and a friendly atmosphere. Who knows, maybe you’ll even make new golfer friends to share your next round with! It’s not just about golf here, there’s much more to discover!

The Costa Cálida offers a wide range of activities to make the most of your time off the golf course. From warm and crystal-clear beaches to charming fishing villages, there’s something for everyone. This has a positive impact on younger golfers and those who want to combine their favorite sport with livelier activities. Another great feature of the Costa Cálida is its Mediterranean climate, a unique attraction for European golfers who, due to their residential location, cannot enjoy these climatic conditions and seek golf and sun as the main reasons for tourism. Playing golf in Spain without considering the Costa Cálida is unthinkable! But wait, there’s more! The Murcian cuisine you’ll find on the Costa Cálida is known for its richness and variety of flavors, influenced by the geographical location, Mediterranean climate, and agricultural tradition of the area. Murcian cuisine is nationally recognized, with dishes like:

  • Zarangollo: A typical Murcian dish made with zucchini, onion, egg, and sometimes potatoes. Everything is cooked together to create a tasty and nutritious scramble.
  • Caldero: A fish stew with the main ingredient being grouper. It’s cooked with rice, “ñoras” (dried peppers), and garlic, served in two parts: first the broth and then the rice with fish. When choosing a destination to play golf in Spain, the cuisine and the restaurants where you’ll replenish energy after physical exercise are crucial, and in this aspect, the Costa Cálida is the best choice for tourists.

Culturally, the Costa Cálida doesn’t lag behind at all. Visitors interested in culture and discovering the Costa Cálida have the option to visit and explore five cities full of history: Murcia, Cartagena, San Javier, Lorca, and Caravaca de la Cruz. The fusion of golf and culture is highly sought after by golf players when looking for a golf destination in Spain, and in the Costa Cálida, they discover an ideal new destination for golf and culture.

Within the wide variety of golf courses, both regionally and nationally, Roda Golf & Beach Resort encompasses all the qualities mentioned above to be chosen by golfers wanting to play golf in Spain. Located on the Costa Cálida, 3 minutes from the beach and the vibrant coastal town of Los Narejos, and only 25 minutes from the International Airport of the Region of Murcia, where good weather, good cuisine, and complementary activities are guaranteed, Roda Beach & Golf Resort stands.

A tourist complex with an outdoor pool, garden, and terrace that all guests can enjoy, and an excellent 18-hole par 72 golf course designed by the great Dave Thomas, equipped with all complementary services to provide a complete golf experience. During your visit to Roda Golf & Beach Resort, you can not only enjoy playing golf in Spain in a unique setting but also indulge in countless complementary activities within the resort or its surroundings.

Within the resort itself, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner services at the restaurant, as well as snacks and cold drinks throughout the day, take a relaxing swim in the pool, and enjoy family sports with a round of golf. In the surrounding areas, you can also enjoy a variety of activities for all ages. Just 3 minutes away are the beaches of Los Narejos, known for hosting the public Infanta Cristina High-Performance Center (CAR), which offers educational and specialization services for sailing and other sports such as windsurfing and canoeing. Following the same route, you’ll find Las Palmeras Beach and Espejo Beach. Just 7 minutes away, you can stroll through the Reyes de España Seafront Park, located on the maritime facade, where you can enjoy an area accessible for play, fun, rest, and sports for residents and visitors.

If you want to enjoy golf in Spain in an area full of complementary activities, don’t hesitate to discover Roda Golf & Beach Resort within the Costa Cálida.